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everyday adventures as a student abroad

Back to Reality

On Sunday morning, Alex and I were up at 4am and on our way to the Hamburg airport. Within a few hours, I was on my way to Frankfurt and Alex on his way to Paris, where we each caught connecting flights to Montreal. It was a bittersweet day, as I was extremely happy to be returning to Canada after 231 days (can you tell I was bored on the.. Read More

Santorini Adventures

One of the best parts about Santorini were the many activities around the island. While, quite a small island geographically, you could be there for two weeks and not run out of things to do. Whether it’s visting one of the many coloured beaches, scuba diving, snorkelling, wine tasting, boating, hiking or any other excursion, you’re always bound to have a fantastic time. We chose an activity for each day,.. Read More

Santorini Living

After Crete, Alex and I decided to have a relaxing end to our trip, and stayed in Santorini for four nights/five days. Santorini is one of the most famous islands of Greece, known for it’s towering cliffs lauded with blue and white buildings, and it’s various coloured beaches. Needless to say, the island is beautiful. As soon as we approached the island (we were coming in by boat), you could.. Read More

Bishop’s Homepage

I am excited to say that my BEST project is currently experiencing its turn on the Bishop’s University homepage! By going to, you will see my crazy face staring at you, urging you to check out my project ;) If you haven’t seen it yet, be sure to check out this article about my project If you are checking out my blog after seeing the article, thank you for dropping in!.. Read More

Why I Chose Politics

Before I chose to become a politics major, I was almost certain I was going to study history. I’ve always loved everything from ancient societies, to world wars, revolutions and famous figures throughout. Ironically, it was my history 12 teacher who convinced me to study politics. In that class, we studied the entire 20th century, and my favorite part was always the political impact of these events, therefore convincing me,.. Read More

Crazy Travel for the Perfect Location

  It took an hour drive, an hour and a half boat ride, an hour on a plane, another hour on a plane, and then a two hour drive: but, boy, was it worth it! Our final destination was the magical city of Chania on the Greek island of Crete. When I took ancient civilizations in my senior year of high school, Greece shot to the top of my ‘must.. Read More

Hagia Sophia

An ancient city, Istanbul has been called many names throughout it’s tumulous history, and played host to many empires and relgions. The history of Istanbul is best showcased through the magestic Hagia Sophia. The original structure was built in the 4th century, but due to its destruction a short while later, nothing remains from this site today. Today, what we see was built in the 6th century as an Eastern.. Read More

Flashback Friday: Galeries Lafayette

There are few cities that look incredible from any angle, and Paris is the cherry on top of the cake. From practically anywhere in the city, you’ll have a great view; whether it’s simply looking down a street, in a park, or from the top of the Eiffel Tower. A few weeks ago, at a fashion show, my roommates and I stumbled upon what is now one of my favorite views.. Read More

Istanbul Spice Shop

As an excellent cook, Alex was interested in bringing back various spices to recreate the food we had in Istanbul. We must have lucked out with the place we stumbled upon, because the store owner was the nicest and most helpful man in Istanbul. The funniest thing, was that it turns out his English was perfected during his university years in Indiana! He encouraged us to try practically every spice.. Read More

Rooftop Restaurants in Istanbul

Istanbul is amazing!! I am in love with it’s vibrancy, colour, food and people. One of our favorite finds over the past couple of days has been the rooftop patio restaurants. We stumbled upon one on our second evening, and soon had the best view of the city. While, the prices were outrageous, it was more than worth the glass of wine to see the Blue Mosque and Hagia Sofia.. Read More